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Dior silver engagement rings the colors of luxury

 投稿者:silver engagement rings  投稿日:2012年 4月27日(金)18時18分8秒

According to the report of the Fashion
silver engagement rings
Network: Dior, meaning in French is a combination of
"God" and "gold", this legendary name from the end of World War II, in its
inception in 1947, a bomb like the one from France into the fashion industry,
not only visual or worn shock, but also affect the development of the whole
fashion history.

  Dior, passionate interpretation of half a century of women dream to create a
fashion myth garnet engagement rings;
Today, the brand new Dior is leading the spirit of modern women - sexy
self-confidence, passion, vitality, fashion charm!

  Mr. Christian Dior is the traditional clothing into modern functionalism in
the innovation process is extremely important to one of the designers. They
created the H-Line ", the" A-Line "and other cut outline until today is still
deeply influenced the concept of the design of many modern designers. Dior brand
has become synonymous with top quality and luxury goods , to lead the fashion.

  John Galliano, to inherit the glorious history of Dior in the fashion Peridot bracelets
industry, Mr. Galliano, the fashion show for the first time it caused a
sensation. Since he took over Dior's chief designer, Dior, was given the
vibrancy of his devil's abstract design inspiration often bring incredible
passion for Dior.

  Adhering to the enthusiasm of John Galliano, bold, mysterious DNA Dior silver
engagement rings will be the ultimate luxury and contemporary art for the
perfect combination of amazing at the jewelry ruby engagement rings
can be so refined, full of mystery!

  The muse of John Galliano for Dior silver engagement rings the birth of an
unprecedented, infinite charm, mysterious and charming, unique soul: Christal of
fine jewelry .

  Dior Christal crystal diamond silver engagement rings is the embodiment of
luxury sapphire earrings
and creativity, perfectly fine to express the emotional world, everything is
blooming in the wild in the sparkling diamond dial The Legends of carved red-hot
soul, John Galliano conquerors the gesture to give a new look, non-Jie spirit
overflowing bright dial an extension.

  John Galliano, bold and assertive style of design, the endless charm
citrine wedding rings and
street fashion, perfect to cater to Dior, Woman in the third era avant-garde
design concept, the achievements of distinguished moments.





 投稿者:teacup.運営  投稿日:2012年 4月27日(金)18時15分28秒